TALEL breaks away from the standards, and seamlessly combines codes of designs that are both radical and recognisable. TALEL embraces the unconventional, crafting shapes, and playing with proportions that defy the norm. In fashion’s world of conformity, TALEL boldly stands out, driven by a desire to go against the tide. TALEL was born from this idea of transgression, creating designs with a focus on ungrateful shapes and unreal dimension.

For TALEL, rich colours are brought to the fore, echoing a commitment to freedom and creativity. Each piece tells a story of rebellion against the ordinary. TALEL’s ethos mirrors Roukni's open-minded worldview, with an eclectic style that rejects the superficial.

Beyond mere aesthetics, TALEL champions gender fluidity in accessory design, offering pieces that transcend traditional boundaries. Craftsmanship takes centre stage, with each item meticulously handmade, marrying Italian know-how with Parisian design sensibilities.

As a slow fashion brand, TALEL is a beacon of sustainability and ethical engagement. With a deliberate choice of limited quantities, the brand embraces a commitment to eco-responsibility. Local production becomes a testament to its dedication to minimising environmental impact.

The Talel Paris brand positions itself as not just an accessories brand, but a narrative of breaking away, transgressing norms, and designing a future where luxury is defined by the radical, the bold, and the unexpected.

TALEL was a finalist of the Fashion Trust Arabia 2022 prize in the accessory category, and now has a portfolio of select international stockists that includes Kith, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.